Our Favourite Links :
6BM8 Club - The original 6BM8 club in Japan
Altec's site - Both official and unofficial
Angela Instruments - Excellent source for tubes and good service
Antique Electronic Supply - Good mail order company
Audio Electronics - Many schematics
Audio Related Internet Links - Largest audio link page I've found
Audio Web Homepage - An alternative to Ebay. Classifieds and auction for audio equipments and tubes
AudioBoard - Latest web-based audio discussion forum for HK audiophiles
AudioGenesis - The beginning of true hi-fi
Bottlehead Forum - Yet another tube discussion forum but with famous names here
DIY Tube Audio Beginner - Beginner's guide to getting started in DIY tube audio
Duncan Amp - Online Tube data + a lot info
EU Valve - One of the most amazing gallery of vintage valves and their boxes (in Japanese)
Eico's schemetics - All Eico products are here, many with schemetics.
Electron Valve Enterprise - Good and fast service, tubes come in good condition as stated, not cheap though!
Emission Lab Home page - many tube photo inside
Heathkit Virtual Museum - Database of vintage Heathkit gears
Hi-Fi Do, Inc. - HiFi Store in Japan specialised in vintage/tube audio
Hong Kong Tube Audio Club - Our own web page!
JBL heritage site - JBl and Altec history,products and forum...lots of pic and info
Jensen Transformers - Jensen Transformers Home page
Johnson Components - Best tube sockets in the world still being manufactured, and expensive too!
Kieva Valley - Good site for Leak 12.1 and Tannoy....
LS3/5a Unofficial Site - Great website for LS3/5a lovers
Machmat's tube schematics - This one is FOC
Marantz's Collector Page - Database of Marantz Audio Classics
McIntosh Product History - All old and new Mac listed !
NOS Tube Identification - Useful NOS tube identification guide
Official AVVT Site - Alesa Vaic Valve Technology Official Page
Pat's tube schematics - Many, many tube schematics available. You have to pay though!
Pete's Quad II Page - If you like Quad II, you can find what you need!!
Quad World - The other link for Quad tube stuff.
Recommended Speakers for SETA - An interesting list of speakers plus insight into proper speaker selection.
SE OPTs - See the Reference Randall Amp!
Sifu Ox on Heha - Interesting DIY tube amp site in China
Sovtek - Sovtek home page
Sowter Audio Transformers - For all your transformer needs.
SpeakerBuilding.com - Diy info and parts sources for speaker building
Svetlana tube zone - Svetlana tube zone home page
Taiwan DIY - Taiwan DIY
Tang Band Speaker - Musical Drivers
Tannoy Fan Club - Japan - Sorry, in Japanese only
Tannoy Speaker - Official Tannoy Site
The Vintage Fisher Page - Wonder where I got the blinking Mullard?
Triodeel - Tubes & schematic and useful discussion group on listbot
Tu-be or Not Tu-be - One of the best introduction to NOS tubes by Kevin Deal
Tube Amplifier - DIY tube amp site in mainland China
Tube Amplifier Sound Research - Excellent tube related links
Tube Asylum - An alternative to RAT
Tube Interchangeability & Spec - Useful on-line tube reference from Hong Kong
Tube Schematics Archive - Tube Schematics Archive
Tubeworld - Service is reliable as far as I'm concern
Vacuum Tube Sample Chest - Many reference pic of tubes, but in Japanese!
Valve's World - Japanese tube amp DIYer's site; Links to other DIY sites
Vintage Audio Trader's Home - A must for Marantz/Mc/Brook/Tannoy/Jensen/JBL lovers
Vintage Dynaco Homepage - Greg's Unofficial Dynaco Home Page
Vintage H.H. Scott HiFi Stereo - Archive of vintage H.H. Scott hifi gear
Vintage Sound - Specialist vintage hifi shop in HK and our party location!
Vintage Tannoy Info - Vintage Tannoy reference site
Western Electric - It ain't complete without this one!
WiWi Tube Shop - The website of WiWi Tube Shop
YS Audio - Local commercial tube amp site from Y.S. Chui
eBay - Strictly for thrill seeker and the brave at heart!
eGroup on LS3/5a - Discussion forum for LS3/5a addicts
eGroup on Leak - Discussion group on vintage Leak products
eGroup on Lowther - Discussion forum for Lowther users
eGroup on Tannoy - Discussion forum for vintage Tannoy lovers

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