and those which are clearly not so
Recommended Gears (New)
Eastern Electric MiniMax pre-amp
Wai Lee power amp                    
CRD 10th Aniversary Woodham 300B
Pathos Twin Tower
Opera Audio Cyber 10
Audio Note Zero System
Recommended Gears (Vinatge)
Dynaco ST35
All EL84 and EL34 amp from Eico
Fisher 50C
Fisher 400CX-2
Heathkit AA-191
Lafayette KT-600/KT-600A
Leak TL12.1
Leak TL50+
Pilot SP-215
Pilot SA-232
Pilot SA-260
Pye Mozart
Quad II
Gears to Avoid
Any tube gear from SF
Any tube gear from Canary

Live up to its name : Minimum size, Maximum performance
Great sounding local tube amp with the highest versatility
One fo the best sounding 300B SETA around at bargain price
It sounds even better than it looks!
Best entry level SE power amp from China
Amazing synergy and hard to believe how good it is as a set
Without doubt the best sounding amp from Dynaco
Too many models to list but all are best buy from a lesser known brand
One of the best sound pre-amp I have ever heard
Very sweet sounding pre-amp at much less price
3 watt sonic wonder at a very low price
Little known all-time classic pre-amp from USA
Many think this is the best sounding tube amp ever made
The 1st amp built for the KT88 and still the best sounding one for it
Very warm and soothing sound. Just love those meters
One fo the best sounding EL84 amp ever made
As good as Marantz 8B but cheaper
Excellent sounding single-ended EL34 amp
Still the best-sound-for-the-money vintage tube amp
Little known 3W monoblock made by Telefunken. Amazing sound.
Our group choice of the most over-rate amp ever made
Could be even more over-rated than SF!