Tim's HiFi Home
1. Equipment line-up

CD Transport - Micromega T-Drive
DAC - Micromega Duo/Adcom GDA-600
Pre Amp - Fisher 400CX II/Pilot SP-215
Power Amp - Too many to list
Speakers - 6 pairs of LS3/5a and its variants (e.g. JR149/ Linn Kan)
                    - Lowther Super Acousta
               - Spendor BC1 (1969)

2. Favourite Tubes

I started collecting NOS tubes about 3 years with EL34 and 6DJ8. Then move on to the common pre-tubes such as 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AX7, 6SN7 as well as an almost completed collection of EL84 and ECL82. My favourite brands are Mullard 10M, GEC/MOV, Telefunken and Holland Amperex.

3. Favourite Music

A huge range including Pops, Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Folk, Movie and Animation Sound Tracks, New Age and Chinese Opera.

4. My HiFi Journey

My journey really started with my 1st LS3/5a more than 10 years ago. And then I moved naturally to tube amp and tubes, and from new production tube gears to vintage tube gears.
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